Driveways at The Moscone Center

The primary use of The Moscone Center’s Howard Street Moscone North Cutout, Moscone South Driveway, and Moscone West Cutout is to accommodate safe access for vehicles and pedestrians directly related to events taking place at the Center.


Moscone Traffic Control Staff

The driveway/cutouts are each one-way, east-to-west traffic zones that are managed during events by Moscone Center Traffic Control staff.


Priority Vehicles

First priority for driveway use is for shuttle buses, taxis, and related vehicles servicing the event’s needs, as well as for access at any time by emergency vehicles.


Shuttle Service

  • Events utilizing the Moscone South building may utilize the South Driveway for shuttle service. The South Driveway can accommodate up to four (4) shuttle buses.
  • Events utilizing the Moscone North building may utilize the North Cutout for shuttle service. The North Cutout can accommodate up to five (5) shuttle buses.
  • Events utilizing the Moscone West building may utilize the West Cutout for shuttle service. The West Cutout can accommodate up to five (5) shuttle buses. A temporary parking permit is required for the use of the West Cutout. Please contact Ronnie Lee at for assistance with parking permits.

*If you have hired a Shuttle Company for your event, a copy of their Shuttle Transportation Plan should be submitted to 60 days prior to your first contracted date. The plan should include building-specific passenger pick-up/drop-off locations for Moscone North, Moscone South and/or Moscone West.


Protected Bike Lanes

The Moscone North and Moscone West shuttle areas are adjacent to active Protected Bike Lanes. It is recommended that shuttle drivers and shuttle management staff remind all passengers of this, whenever they are loading/off-loading. There is no parking allowed in either area; only the loading/off-loading of passengers and/or freight.


No Idling of Engines

Use is granted to shuttle bus companies as contracted by Show Management, with the understanding that the Moscone Center’s rules and policies are in force. This includes the requirement to reduce vehicle emissions by shutting off engines if vehicles remain in the driveways for more than five minutes. Please ensure that your contracted shuttle bus companies are prepared to comply with the state's no-idling policy.


City Taxi/Rideshare Zone

If the South Driveway is being utilized for shuttles, Taxi & Rideshare passengers can be accommodated at the City’s designated Taxi/Rideshare Zone, located on 3rd Street, between Howard and Folsom Streets.



Other use of the driveways is limited to appropriate placement of graphics for directional and event identification purposes.


SAVOR Food & Beverage Service

The driveways may also be used for portable food and beverage cart service provided by SAVOR…San Francisco.