General Session & Meeting Room Floor Plan Requirements

Floor plans for any large seated functions or meeting rooms with audio visual should be sent to the Event Manager 45 days prior to the first day of move-in for Fire Marshal review. Fire Marshals require:

  • Floor plans for general sessions or other large seated events held in any exhibit hall or ballroom, and for any smaller meeting rooms with AV, must be submitted under the same conditions as those for exhibit areas. These must include dimensions and locations of platforms, staging, sound/light mixers, stage lighting, scaffolds and speaker systems. 
  • When seating rows have 14 or fewer seats, the minimum clear width between rows shall not be less than 12 inches measured as the clear horizontal distance from the back of the row ahead and the nearest projection of the row behind (Ref: Article 25, 2001 California Fire Code).  
  • Cross aisles are required after every 22 rows of theater seating.
  • Minimum 10' perimeter aisles, rear aisles, cross aisles, and center aisles are required for General Session/Keynote sets.
  • Minimum 4' perimeter aisles (including behind stage and screen), 6' rear aisles, and 6' center aisles are required for breakout meeting room sets.

In order to facilitate accurate and timely room sets, we ask that the designated Production or AV Company provide the facility with meeting room diagrams including relevant dimensions and any truss plans.

Please include the following items on all floor plans:
  • Total chair (and table, if applicable) count
  • Number of total chairs (and tables) per section
  • Number of chairs per row in each theater seating section
  • Number of rows in each theater seating section
  • Dimensions of stage
  • Dimensions of tech risers
  • Dimensions of center, cross, side, and perimeter aisles
  • Dimensions from walls to risers/main stage, and to side and back rows of chairs or tables
  • Distance from stage to first row of seating
  • Location of any aisle carpet
  • Location of any overhead truss or other rigged items
  • Location for staging full/empty chair racks during move in and move out
  • Please note any areas where power strips will be installed for attendee use
Floor Marking

In order to ensure the accuracy of the keynote set, we request that the following areas be marked:

  • Main stage (upstage center, left and right)
  • First row of chairs/tables
  • Center aisle
  • The angle of chevron sets
    *Please Note: Any Production Company or service provider is responsible for returning the floor in the same condition it was received. Please plan on appropriate labor to remove all tape/chalk marks from floors. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.
Keynotes/General Session Floor Plan Hardcopy

On site, we ask that the Production Company provide the facility with a D-size hardcopy of the floor plan including relevant dimensions, equipment counts, and truss plans as noted above. This floor plan should be supplied to the Event Manager on the first day of keynote move-in.