Updated Vaccination Requirements

On March 31,2022 the San Francisco Department of Public Safer Return Together Order was updated to align with the State of California rules and address changed health circumstances. 

f you are hosting an event at The Moscone Center, please reach out to your Event Manager if you have specific questions regarding the current SF Health Order.

If you are planning to attend an event at The Moscone Center, please be sure to review requirements for the event you plan to attend and reach out to the organizer if you have any questions regarding vaccination, testing, or mask requirements. Hosts of Mega-Events may impose stricter requirements than the City of San Francisco.

San Francisco Department of Public Health Coronavirus Information

The Moscone Center is ready to safely host your in-person event!

As we find ourselves gradually, carefully and gratefully emerging from the industry effects of the pandemic, we stand well informed and well prepared to assist you with your unique planning responsibilities during this period of transition to what will be the new normal.

We continue to remain fully committed to the safe protocols and practices that have been developed over the last several months and continue to be informed by the GBAC Star initiatives as well as ASM Globals own Venue Shield program.

As of April 1, 2022 the following regulations are in place regarding Mega-Events held in San Francisco. 

  • Vaccination & Testing Requirements
    Proof of Vaccination or Negative Testing is a Strong Recommendation Rather than a Requirement for Indoor Mega-Events.   Aligning with the change in State rules, the Order lifts the requirement that hosts or operators of indoor mega-events require proof of vaccination for patrons and staff as a condition to entry into an indoor mega-event (i.e., an event with 1,000 or more people attending),  and instead strongly recommends that hosts and operators continue to impose that requirement.

  • Masking Requirements
    In light of the high percentage of San Franciscans who are vaccinated and boosted, as well as the public health awareness acquired over the past two years, the Health Officer is transitioning the recommended wearing of face coverings from a strong recommendation that everyone – regardless of vaccination status - wear a mask while indoors with others, to an individual risk-centered approach.  The Health Officer now recommends that individuals wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings based on three factors:  (1) your own risk tolerance; (2) the overall level of community transmission, such as when future variants occur; and (3) whether you or someone with whom you work or live is at risk of severe disease. 
    • Masking is still required under federal and state rules, at least through April 15, for public transportation and indoor public transportation facilities.
    • And owners and operators of other individual facilities may still require masking.

For information on the latest COVID-19 related regulations and expectations as they relate to hosting events at The Moscone Center, we offering the following links and documents.

For those attending an event at The Moscone Center, please check the regulations on the event's website.