Rules & Restrictions for Multi-story and Covered Structures

Two-story and covered structures are permitted within the facility only with prior review and approval by the Moscone Fire Marshal. Depending on the amount of covered space a Fire Watch may be required. 


Two story and covered structures are not permitted in Moscone West Lobbies at any time.


Strict adherence to the Fire Marshal-approved plans must be maintained for all designated areas of use. Unapproved variations to such plans will require immediate dismantling. The Moscone Center reserves the right to dismantle, rearrange, or remove any previously approved features if a threat to life safety, egress, or general traffic flow is perceived on-site.


Failure to comply with The Moscone Center fire and safety regulations will result in the immediate closure of the event and/or the suspension and cancellation of the Contractor’s permission to operate within The Moscone Center.


Please refer to Public Safety & Fire Management Plan for more information.