Water Service at The Moscone Center

Hydration Stations

The Moscone Center has added filtered water hydration stations as part of the expansion project.  These units are conveniently located throughout Moscone North and South. The Moscone Center encourages everyone to take advantage of the premium filtration system by bringing their own reusable water bottle.  We are committed to sustainability with a goal of zero waste.  Reusable water bottles are also an excellent branding opportunity, and an appreciated partnership towards our sustainability goal by encouraging use of hydration stations and reducing single use bottles.


Water Kit Service from Savor Catering

In addition to the built-in water fountains and hydration stations located throughout the facility, refrigerated spring water kits are available through Savor Catering. Please contact your Savor Catering Sales Manager for additional information, including pricing and electrical needs.


Head Table (Speaker) Water Service

The City of San Francisco recently passed an ordinance banning the sale or distribution of single-use plastic bottles in all City-owned buildings.  Accordingly, we are no longer able to provide disposable plastic water bottles for presenters at lecterns and head tables.  We recommend that all event planners encourage their presenters, as well as staff and attendees, to bring their own reusable water bottles on site, where there are numerous resources to keep them filled.


Hydration Stations for reusable water bottles, and drinking fountains